eTelligent has a robust successful track record of Agile development. Our Agile Scrum experts deliver customer value and stakeholder satisfaction across critical key business units without interrupting or compromising ongoing operations.

Implementing Agile with its short iterative approach enables organizations to be more receptive to their customer base, since user feedback on each iteration impacts the development course of subsequent ones. Through Agile, eTelligent increases the business value of the application because its functions are constantly being evaluated, modified and perfected.


eTelligent DevOps teams provide small and quick changes with focused value to the end customer. Changes are communicated early, collaborated on with stakeholders internally, and achieved with minimal time to market, with reduced risks. Our DevOps integration team targets product delivery, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD), quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases in order to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles.

Through DevOps, eTelligent enhances software application release management, by factoring in infrastructure related code as yet another artifact in the software build and release cycle. They combine the use of a ticket tracking system (e.g. JIRA), version control (e.g. Git) and configuration management tool (e.g. Puppet). This enables the changes to be easily processed, tracked and reported on.

eTelligent Agile and DevOps experts enable robust integration strategies with stringent quality goals, higher availability, reduced downtime, and high-performance scalability, and security.

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